books of interest

  • Hunting A Portrait:. by Anne Holland, foreward by Bob Champion
  •  Dog training the Mugford way: Roger Mugford, a kind and understand book explaining everything about dog training in the modern world, no choke chains ECT.
  • The Bloodhound: Hilary Harmar, a must have for every bloodhound owner. A very well written, small, easy to read book.
  •   English foxhunting: Raymond Carr, a well researched and well written book, which explains foxhunting throughout the generations,
  • Second Chance, living with a rescued dog:  Judy and Larry Elsden, a book for anyone with a dog that has needed a second or even third chance, running through why a dog is in need of a new home to success stories.
  • Guide to search and rescue dogs: Angela Eaton Snovak, an American book, but some interesting tips on how to start scent work with any dog, training required and what a handler needs to take with them.
  • The Wild Host, the history and meaning of the hunt: Rupert Isaacson, this book is a favourite of mine. The book covers prehistoric hunter-gatherers, to the modern hunts, to which lines can be traced back to the 1700s. It follows some of the views of both supporters and the people against hunting. This book is beautifully illustrated.
  • The English Foxhound, a Kennel club book.Its good to add to a collection of books about foxhounds, but there are  better written books out there. The information contained is very like that in the other breed books in this collection. The pictures are of good quality  but you may learn something new from this book.   
  • In Full Cry;Jim Meads' photos gives the reader a true flavour of hunting before the ban. this book contains a fabulous mix of colour photos of the best of english and american packs have to offer.



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